Light house display goes through roof

Christmas lights in Nuthall are raising money for charity. Tony Swift.
Christmas lights in Nuthall are raising money for charity. Tony Swift.

Tony Swift stands out on his garden from 4pm until 8pm every night showing families his Christmas lights and raising money for charity.

This is the twelfth year the Swift family from Nuthall have turned their garden into a Christmas wonderland, raising money for a local hospice.

Families come from miles around to see the decorations – said to be the biggest display in the Nottinghamshire.

This year the Laurel Crescent ‘light house’ as it is known, is bigger than it has ever been, and Tony said the number of visitors had ‘gone barmy’.

“More and more people just keep turning up. It’s gone barmy,” he said.

“It’s all over facebook and more and more people hear about it every year.

“The kids love it. They walk around the garden looking at the lights, and can have their photos taken with Mary and Joseph in the stables.”

Other than going in for his dinner, Tony stands at his garden gate with a tin of sweets and a collection bucket for four hours a night – every night – for six weeks.

And when he goes in at 8pm, families knock on the door because they want to meet him.

“People who come year in year out want to say hello, and often people have questions about it,” he said. “A popular one is how long does it take to put them up!”

This year, Tony, his wife Wendy and son Adam devoted every weekend for two months putting the lights up, including the extra reindeers and new 3D features.

And they say next year they plan to make it even bigger, with an extra electricity board being put in their loft.