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sweet memories
sweet memories
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most people think you’ve got to trek all the way into Nottingham to do your Christmas shopping, but this week I proved you can do it all from the comfort of your home town.

Eastwood and Kimberley might not look like they offer a plethora of Christmas present ideas, but I found plenty of potential pressies, all at extremely competitive prices.

A good place to start your Christmas shopping is Rainbow Cards in Eastwood where I think you would struggle to beat Richard Hamilton’s prices.

His cards start at just 29p and he sells 3ft tall Christmas sacks for the kids, rolls of wrapping paper and bags of Christmas bows for just 99p each.

Savers in Eastwood offers a whole host of different perfume gift sets from Accesorize and Monsoon, to Kate Moss and David Beckham. They are so reasonably priced that staff sold 18 Sex and the City gift sets on Tuesday afternoon alone after reducing them down to £6.99.

Shop manager Stefanie Turnbull said more people should shop locally for Christmas.

“You’ve not got the queues and you don’t get the hustle and bustle,” she said.

“When the bad weather came last year we did really well because no-one wanted to go far. It’s a shame people don’t do it more often.”

Ms Turnbull said the store, which used to be Superdrug, was ‘particularly competitive’ on fragrance.

Sweet Memories in Eastwood is selling tailor-made hampers from £5 to £25, which is a great gift idea for a younger brother or sister, or just someone who’s got a sweet tooth. They not only look great, but have a slightly personal touch as well because you can pick your sweets to put in them.

Shop manager Jane Warsop said: “I think it’s cheaper locally to be honest. A sweet hamper would cost you at least £15 in Nottingham or online.”

Eastwood’s hair salon Enigma is also selling a range of hair styling products, including the popular Hello Kitty ceramic straighteners, reduced to £50 from £68.

They are selling Corioliss C1 straighteners with a heat adjuster for £64.99, the Corioliss Glamour wand for £32.50 and the Beach Waves styler for £35.

In Kimberley, Fleurines sells picture frames, ceramic bowls, trinket boxes and jewellery, which are all very unique and would make great Christmas gifts and at Mike’s shop in James Street you can get all sorts of fancy goods including cut glass and jewellery.

You can even pick up your Christmas decorations from Roy Plumb’s hardware store, also in James Street.