Local support for old people’s week

This week was dedicated to the older generation and recognising the contribution they make to society.

Broxtowe Borough Council organised a host of activities to mark National Older People’s Week, and Eastwood Age Concern trustee Josie Marsters said she fully supported the initiative.

Mrs Marsters said: “It’s good to know we were marking it in Broxtowe.

“I think the elderly contribute a lot to society.

“Most of our volunteers at our lunch club are senior citizens, and we have a fantastic team of volunteers.

“Our drivers are in their 70s and we would be absolutely lost without them.”

Older People’s Week began on Monday September 26 and is running until Older Person’s Day tomorrow, Saturday October 1.

The council put on a wide range of activities and community events across its retirement living schemes for its older residents, their friends, family and any local people who wanted to reconnect with the older generation.

Local events on the programme included an autumn fun festival with stalls and songs from the 60s, held at the Template Centre in Nuthall on Monday.

There was also the big birthday bash – fun, magic, games and birthday cake in Scalby Close, Eastwood.

This year marked the ninth annual event that celebrates the contributions and achievements that older people make to society nationally, and which encourages different generations to share skills and experiences.

Mrs Marsters said it was important the younger generation integrated themselves with the elderly and felt it was beneficial for pensioners to have contact with youngsters.

“The local school used to send along kids to help out here and members loved it,” she said.

“They loved to sit and talk to them. They would reminisce and talk to them about what jobs they used to do and if it was something like working at Rolls Royce the kids would love it and would ask questions about it.

“A lot of our members don’t see anybody at all when they’re at home and they have very, very little contact and communication with the younger generation, so that was great.

“It helped the school kids learn all about the elderly and learn the importance of community spirit,” added Mrs Marsters.

A local student whose studies include learning about the older generation is volunteering at the lunch club next week.

The Age Concern lunch club is held at the Colin Dyson Centre and gives elderly people the chance to get out, socialise and also make new friends.

It is the fourth year running that Broxtowe Borough Council has marked Older People’s Week.

For more information, please contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3565, email hlps@broxtowe.gov.uk or visit www.broxtowe.gov.uk/olderpeoplesweek

Find out more about Older People’s Week on 0115 917 3572, email sport@broxtowe.gov.uk or visit www.broxtowesport/olderadults.