Look to the future, not the brewery days

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Kimberley, in my view, has become a small area where, if you are not a member of ‘Save our Brewery’ (SOBs) group or the local history society, wanting to keep every brick in the town unaltered, you will be criticised for having a different opinion.

They are probably the people who had the buildings listed in the first place.

In these days it is possible to record history in print or on film.

The Maltings is such a beautiful building that I get frustrated by having to fight my way through hoards of tourists to go up Hardy Street.

Anyone wishing to bring investment into Kimberley must be put off by the constant harassment on any plants put forward.

How many members does SOBS have?

The brewery days are gone, it is time for the future to come to Kimberley for the sake of the silent majority and the next generation.

John Sisson,