Lowest number of hoax calls to 999

Nottinghamshire Police Control Room
Nottinghamshire Police Control Room

The Ambulance service have praised Broxtowe residents after statistics revealed they make the lowest number of 999 hoax calls in the county apart from Rushcliffe.

Figures released as part of a Freedom of Information request by the Advertiser revealed that the district has some of the lowest numbers of hoax calls in the county.

Statistics showed that calls from Broxtowe made up just 3 per cent of hoax calls to Nottinghamshire Police and 4 per cent to Nottinghamshire Fire over the last five years.

They also revealed that over the last three years only three per cent of prank calls to East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) were to Nottinghamshire West which covers Broxtowe.

A spokesman for EMAS said: “We’re pleased to see that the number of hoax calls from Broxtowe is very low and are to be congratulated for this.

“Hoax calls put lives at risk.

“For example, if a crew is going to a patient that doesn’t exist, or because someone wants the batteries in their TV changing, or to resuscitate a dead pigeon, it means they aren’t available to help anyone with a life-threatening illness or injury.”

Nottinghamshire Police agreed that although it is good news that the number of hoax calls in Broxtowe is lower than neighbouring areas, their control room still receives a large number of non-police queries and hoax calls.

Calls such as these have recently included a woman who called 999 because a cat was following her, and another to report a bad decision by a referee in a football match.

A spokeswoman added: “Hoax calls can be traced and callers run the risk of a heavy fine and even a prison sentence.”