‘Lucky to be alive’ after crash

Neighbours told of their shock after a car crashed through a bus shelter.

It happened in Kimberley Road, Nuthall, at 1.40am on Tuesday and left three occupants of the Ford Focus ‘lucky to be alive’, neighbours said.

Skid marks and kerb damage suggest the car ended up on to the wrong side of the road while heading towards Nuthall. It mounted the pavement, hit a tree, ripped out several concrete posts and boundary fencing of a house in The Paddocks – which backs on to the main road – and demolished the shelter.

Police were quickly on the scene and two men were taken to hospital. The collision brought neighbours rushing into the street

“There was a horrible noise, a massive screech and then an almighty bang,” said one woman.

“I looked through the bedroom window and police were everywhere,” said another.

Police said three people were arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving but released on bail. No-one was thought to be seriously hurt.