Making the town a better place to live

Cllr Shane Easom and Cllr Steve Brunt put up hanging baskets for colourful Kimberley.
Cllr Shane Easom and Cllr Steve Brunt put up hanging baskets for colourful Kimberley.

The Kimberley Residents Association is filling the town with plants, trees and flowers as part of a project to enhance the area in time for Spring.

Association member Darren Warner said the group wanted to make the town a nicer place to live, work and shop.

Members will be re-landscaping the perimeter of the precint area, putting hanging baskets outside all the shops and businesses in Main Street and James Street and planting new trees and flowers across the town and in its parks.

Mr Warner said: “It will transform the area. Our plan is to make Kimberley an even more attractive, colourful pleasant place to live, work and shop. “Kimberley town is showing all the signs of an up and coming place to live with a variety of fantastic independent shops.

“Our goal is to support them through the Colourful Kimberley Project to help attract customers.

“The precint area is looking very, very scruffy and the residents are talking about it.

“Bins aren’t being emptied and the planting areas are overgrown with ivy.

“We need more trees and flowers there.”

This weekend the association is working with Broxtowe Borough Council to plant 100 trees on Hall Om Wong Park.

The initiative will form part of the council’s aim to plant 100,0000 trees in the borough, and the 100 trees in Kimberley will bring them close to their tagret.

Mr Warner said they would be getting grandchildren and other kids on board to help with the planting and improvements.

“We hope it will encourage kids to respect the new trees in the area and report any acts of vandalism over the years if they see them being damaged,” he said.

The Colourful Kimberley Project was initially launched in 2008.