Man cut out of car at death trap junction

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A man was cut out of his car at an accident blackspot in Eastwood, prompting renewed calls for improvements to be made.

The driver was cut out his vehcle last Thursday after crashing with a lorry on the A610 near the B&Q island – just days after residents called the spot a ‘death trap’.

Steve Brunt told the Advertiser there had been ‘continous collisions’ and the road needed white ‘give way’ lines renewing, signs warning a junction was approaching and the installation of a crash barrier.

But, despite the latest incident, Nottinghamshire County Council said they would just renew the white lines, and Mr Brunt branded the decision ‘ludicrous’.

“They know there’s a hazard there and they’re not going to do anything about it. It’s appalling,” he said.

“What compassion have they got for the person cut out of their car?”

Steve Brunt said cars were not stopping on the slip road because markings had worn away, and drivers on the carriageway had no warning of a junction approaching, causing vehicles to career into merging traffic.

“There’s not even a crash barrier to keep the cars on one side of the road. There’s no signs, no anti-skid surface, no speed restrictions – nothing.”

But the council said warning signs could be danerous, obscuring drivers views, and installing a central reservation was not something they would do on a single carriageway road.

The council is ‘investigating’ safety concerns.