Mansfield Labour hopeful Prescott suspended from Corbyn’s team after allegations, claim


A senior labour figure who is understood to have been the front runner to take on Mansfield MP Ben Bradley for the Mansfield parliamentary seat in the next election has been suspended from his role at the party.

David Prescott, the son of former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, is understood to have been suspended under ‘standard employment practices’ after allegations were received by Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s office.

It is understood that the allegations came to light following recent reporting of alleged misconduct at Westminster.

Mr Prescott worked as a political adviser and speechwriter for Mr Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.

Labour have since said they ‘do not comment on staffing matters.’

In the 2015 election Mr Prescott stood as Labour’s candidate for Gainsborough but out lost to Conservative candidate Sir Edward Leigh.

He failed again to be elected during this years parliamentary elections when he stood for a seat in Hull.

This news is according to national reports.