Mansfield stab victim beat up mate for stealing trainers

Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.

The victim of a life-threatening stabbing attack punched and kicked his former friend because he believed the man had stolen his trainers while he was recovering, a court has heard.

Tristan Sheppard, 19, of Bagworth Court, Mansfield, admitted assaulting the man on Clumber Street, in Warsop, on November 5, last year.

Robert Carr, prosecuting, said: “Mr Sheppard came up behind the man and began punching and kicking him. He pulled him into the road. He punched him in the mouth and walked off.”

His victim was left with aching sides and legs and a lump on his forehead. His £80 jacket was ripped.

Sheppard was last before the court for burglary in June 2015.

Mary Dixon, mitigating, said: “Mr Sheppard was stabbed last year, very, very severely. He received a life-threatening injury. He has a massive scar right down his side.

“He believes that his victim stole his trainers while he was injured.

“CCTV shows that punches were thrown but whether they connect or not is unclear.”

Sheppard also admitted failing to attend probation meetings on February 29 and March 8, and failing to attend at court on March 23.

Cheryl Nisbet, of the probation service, said he had not been in touch for three and a half months.

Mrs Dixon told the court Sheppard had been working with Travellers in Sheffield and said they had refused to let him return for the appointments.

She said: “He could have reported all this to the probation service but he said he was kept without money.”

She said he had been through ‘quite a lot of trauma’ and, while in Glen Parva prison, had been threatened by friends of the man who wounded him.

Mrs Dixon said prison guards at Glen Parva had concerns about his safety.

Magistrates sentenced him to eight weeks for the assault, and six weeks for failing to attend.

He was ordered to pay £80 in compensation.