Mansfield stalker caught with gaffer tape, scalpel set and condoms

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A ‘devious and dangerous individual’ has been given an indefinite sentence after pleading guilty to stalking.

Simon Damps, 29, of Mount Street, Mansfield, admitted stalking at Nottingham Crown Court on Wednesday (24 February, 2016) and was sentenced to a Section 37 Hospital Order with Section 41 restrictions. This means that he will be indefinitely detained at a secure hospital and can only be released with the express authority of the Secretary of State.

The court heard how Damps had developed an obsession with a female health care worker which ultimately led to him fantasising that they were in a relationship.

He sent cards and letters to the victim and approached her at work and in public. His behaviour was unwanted and escalated to attempts to locate the victim’s home address. His behaviour included positioning himself at various locations to track the woman’s route home.

When Damps was arrested close to the victim’s home, he was found to be in possession of a number of items including gaffer tape, forensic gloves, condoms and a scalpel set. He was even wearing a condom at the time.

In his summing up, Judge Spencer described Damps as “a devious and dangerous individual” who should only be released when all concerned professional bodies were content that he was no longer a danger to the public.

Inspector Glenn Longden, Ashfield District Commander, said: “This was a long and complex investigation where the investigating officers worked tirelessly in partnership with Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust to ensure that the victim was protected from this dangerous individual.

“Throughout the prosecution Damps used every means at his disposal in an attempt to delay and even evade justice. It is entirely down to the professional and exhaustive investigation by PC Paul Carter and PC Scott Chambers that Damps was caught and brought before the courts. Their actions have made the community a safer place. ”