Mansfield Woodhouse residents supported by councillor over housing plans on Park Hall Road

Mansfield Woodhouse residents opposed to a new development at Park Hall.
Mansfield Woodhouse residents opposed to a new development at Park Hall.

Councillor Joyce Bosnjak is sending supportive letters to residents of Mansfield Woodhouse after they lost a campaign against plans for new housing in the area.

Barratt Homes won their appeal last month to build more than 130 homes at Park Hall Road after a public inquiry.

Mansfield District Council’s planning committee voted against the proposals last year because it was outside the urban boundary - this was supported by local residents.

Those opposing the plans said traffic congestion and wildlife were primary worries. Thirty-five issues were raised in total.

Cllr Joyce Bosnjak has led the campaign from the beginning by holding meetings with residents and has spoken at the hearings.

She will be hand-delivering 200 letters to locals to discuss how they can make the development “more tolerable”.

Her letter states that she is “bitterly disappointed” with the outcome of the appeal and suggests people should consider conditions such as traffic calming measures, site access and what the properties will look like.

She said: “I have never seen so many residents get in touch with me about an issue as much as this one.

“That indicates just how passionate and how strongly people feel about this.”

Andrea Garrett, 71, has lived on Park Hall Road for 48 years. She said: “We’ve seen everything from animals to all kinds of crops on this land. And when we found out the news, it knocked us for six.

“The only thing it’s about for them is the money.”

Robert Galij, Planning Director at Barratt North Midlands, said: “We’ll be liaising closely with the local community, councillors and officers throughout the remaining stages of the planning process.”

Work is scheduled to begin at the end of the year.