Markings were waste of money


I would like to agree with Brian Griffin in the article about Church Street in last week’s newspaper.

The new zebra crossings at the top of Church Street will, I’m sure, be beneficial to the community and especially to the pupils of Springbank Primary School; however, I do have to wonder why a new crossing has been placed on a road which is falling apart, before the road has been repaired.

The current state of the road surface on Church Street is very poor and should have been repaired properly long ago, probably when they did the bottom of the road last year.

The council has had lots of opportunity to arrange the repair; the new school alone would have taken lots of planning and it would surely have made sense to have repaired the road before or at the same time as the crossing was put in; instead the crossing and new road markings have been put in seemingly blind of the fact that they’re not going to last long.

Surely this has been a huge waste of public money?

Helena Lings