Mayor to deliver 300 eggs to elderly

Eastwood Mayor Ken Woodhead
Eastwood Mayor Ken Woodhead

Mayor Eastwood Ken Woodhead is to do a charity Egg Run for the elderly this Easter Sunday.

The South Ward councillor and leader of Eastwood Town Council is to perform his annual Easter egg run again this year having delivered over 300 eggs last year.

Mayor Woodhead said: “I do it every year because I think elderly people are left out a little bit and to see their faces light up when you go in and give them an egg, it’s unreal – they really appreciate it.

“A lot of the families don’t visit too much, and everybody donates to kids hospitals so the elderly are the forgotten few.

“If I get too many they’re not wasted – I’ll find out where elderly people live alive and make sure they get one too.” Please make any donations to the council office, Mansfield Road.