McDonalds offers 75 jobs for locals

McDonalds Langley Mill
McDonalds Langley Mill

Seventy-five new jobs are to be created when a new McDonald’s restaurant opens in Langley Mill next week.

The drive-through venue, in Cromford Road, includes indoor seating and free WiFi for customers, as well, as a 31 -space car park and outside seating area.

It opens its doors on Wednesday, February 13.

Ken Hair, who has taken on the franchise to run the newly-built restaurant, said: “It is an honour for our McDonald’s team to serve the community in Langley Mill.

“We hope to see loyal fans of McDonald’s coming to enjoy what they know and love, at any time of day or night, as well as new customers being attracted to our restaurant by our inviting look and feel.

“We simply aim to deliver great food and a great experience within a friendly environment.”

McDonald’s declined to say how much the venue had cost to build.

It is opposite the Asda store on the site of a former car lot. The new jobs are 30 full time and 45 part-time.

Susan Place, owner of the nearby Bridge Cafe on Cromford Road, said: “I am hoping it won’t impact too much on me. You have always got the threat at the back of your mind.

“But over the years, my experience is that once you have got your basic customers in they stay quite loyal.

“I think it’s more for the younger generation. I do lunches for the elderly.”

Roma Bothamley, owner of Basilia on Cromford Road, said: “I would rather people came to Langley Mill to use McDonald’s than go ten miles down the road.”

Approval was given to the for a McDonalds plan back in April last year.