Meat thief to be jailed?

A WOMAN from Giltbrook could be put back behind bars after being caught stealing from a supermarket.

Michelle Leebetter helped herself to £54.90 worth of meat from Sainsbury’s in Butterley near Ripley on April 4.

Becky Mahon, prosecuting, told magistrates at Chesterfield that Leebetter was quickly apprehended and co-operated with security staff and police.

“She only had a small amount of money when she committed the offence,” said her solicitor, Julie Page.

“Her previous offences were very much drug-related as she struggled with drug dependancy for a number of years.

“It culminated in a lengthy prison sentence last June. But she used the time in custody to become drug-free and she maintains that to the current day.”

Ms Page conceded that Leebetter’s position was aggravated by the number and similarity of previous offences.

She added: “On this occasion theft was committed for gain but not to feed a drug habit.”

Leebetter, 32, of Weightman Drive, Giltbrook, admitted theft. Magistrates decided their sentencing powers were insufficient.

She was committed to Derby Crown Court to be dealt with by a judge on May 11. Probation service reports were ordered.