Meet Kimberley’s ‘incredible shringking man’ after weight loss

Super slimmer Steven Hutchings and his wife
Super slimmer Steven Hutchings and his wife

He is regarded as Kimberley’s very own ‘incredible shrinking man’, but dedication, determination and willpower have played a part in ‘super slimmer’ Steve Hutchings shedding a whopping eight stones.

Steven, 47, of Ruislip Close, found himself in despair and in a dilemma when his weight ballooned to a massive 20 stones in 2012.

“My wife Sharon and I were on holiday in Turkey when we had our photographs taken. When I saw the end results I just could not believe how massive I was and I pledged there and then to do something about it,“ he said.

“Sharon made a few enquiries on my behalf and stumbled across a Slimming World group based at the Temple Centre in Nuthall. We went along in November 2012 and my heart sank when I saw that everyone of its members were women!

“I would have walked out there and then had it not been for Sharon and I’m so glad that I stuck with it, for being a member there has helped to transform my life.”

Steven has since gone on to lose almost eight stones in weight, earning himself the accolade of Nuthall Slimming World’s ‘Man of the Year’ champion two years in succession.

The group’s leader Jeanette Chawner described Steven as “ an inspiration to all”.

“He is a role model to everyone in our classes and has shown that with guidance, a healthy eating programme and regular exercise, that the impossible can be achieved,” she said.

Steven who works as an insurance surveyor for a local building firm is now back doing what he loves the most — cycling!

“I cycle around 80 miles a week and that, along with my new Slimming World regime, has given me a new lease of life.

Paying tribute to his wife of 20 years, Sharon, Steven said: “She is my guiding light and has supported me so much on my weight-loss journey”

“There’s no doubt my life has undergone an amazing transformation and since losing such a phenomenal amount of weight I am convinced that there is no going back. Everyone loves the new Steven, especially my four children and nine grandchildren who have got a new man in their lives”.

For details of the Slimming World classes in Nuthall contact Jeanette on 07915696747.