Meet the adorable new member of Nottinghamshire Police!


Meet the adorable new member of Nottinghamshire Police's dog section.

Four-month-old Belgian Malinois, Taggart, arrives from a litter of 13 from West Yorkshire... and he appears to have got into the swing of things already!

Yesterday his handler introduced him to ‘tracking’ where he managed to sniff out his food that was hidden around a training field.

Taggart will be a general purpose police dog and tracking with be a crucial part of his job, so that’s why he’s taught to use his nose first.

Taggart’s handler, PC Pete Baxter, who has been a dog handler for 15 years, said: “In about one years’ time Taggart will be getting ready to start a training course. In the meantime he will be living with me whilst I train him and build his confidence. He’s shown great potential so far and I’m looking forward to seeing how much he develops.”