Meet your 18-year-old Broxtowe councillor

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Broxtowe’s youngest councillor has won his Stapleford seat.

Adam Stockwell, who attends Bilborough College won a Stapleford South East seat alongside fellow Conservative Christopher Rice, with 829 votes.

Adam was youth mayor of Broxtowe in 2012-13 and said he got into politics simply because he wanted to be active in his community.

Just being able to get out and do something in the place I’ve been living since I was three years old.

“In Stapleford we want to see more community centres because we’ve got so many empty buildings that can be put to good use, like the old police station.”

His response to the local elections was surprise.

He added: “I’m amazed that we’ve got a comfortable majority and it’s there’s still 14 votes to go.

Mum Julie, 47, a Midday supervisory assistant at William Hill Infants and Nursery School said she was extremely proud of her son.

“I’m extremely proud , I’m ecstatic.

We didn’t expect it but we hoped and we prayed.

“We’re not really a big conservative family. It’s him that’s got us into Politics.”

Adam’s achievement is all his own, she added. “I’ve mainly been his personal chauffeur.”

“I’ll get you a hat and everything,” said Adam.