Meeting goers ‘not listened to’

Redevelopment work on the old Kimberley Brewery site on Hardy Street. Photo: Chris Etchells
Redevelopment work on the old Kimberley Brewery site on Hardy Street. Photo: Chris Etchells

A meeting has been held between campaigners and a planning officer to discuss the controversial new houses planned at the brewery site.

Kimberley Town Council hosted the meeting with Broxtowe Borough Council’s planning policy manager and attendees included campaigners from the Save Our Brewery group and Kimberley Residents Association.

But association chairman Darren Warner said people felt ‘deflated’ and ‘not listened to’ following the meeting, where they quizzed the planning officer about the ‘bog standard’ design of the properties.

“They were just not supportive of what we were trying to say.

“We felt like we weren’t listened to,” he said.

The town council and local campaigners say houses planned for the brewery site are not in keeping with the conservation area and the Victorian houses that surround it.

“We think the application is absolutely outrageous and preposterous. These houses are in the epi-centre of the complex,” said Mr Warner.

“It’s selling Kimberley short. It’s scandelous and I’m very angry.

“And they didn’t seem to want to tell us anything which is ringing alarm bells” he added.

Brewery site owners were originally working with Metis Development, but after a disagreement over finances, new buiders Fairgrove were appointed and the drawings were changed.

“It’s quite clear they want to be more sympathetic to the builders than do what’s right,” added Mr Warner.

A spokesperson at Broxtowe Borough Council said: “This application has not yet been determined and we are awaiting responses from key consultees including our conservation advisor and Nottinghamshire County Highways before any decisions on the application are made.

The council is always keen to hear the views of residents.”

People can still objecty to the plans. See the application at reference number 16/00333/REM.