Meeting to save hostel

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Eastwood councillor Keith Longdon organised a meeting to try and save the town’s Stepping Stones homeless hostel from closure.

Cllr Longdon met with Nottinghamshire County Council officials and staff at the hostel following news that it was threatened with closure because of budget cuts.

He also invited along friend Eve Wharmby, to represent the views of the public.

The councillor said: “The idea was to try and establish a way of keeping it open.

“As far as I’m concerned I don’t care how it’s done, but by hook or by crook I want it kept open.

“We need places like Stepping Stones to give support to these youngsters.

“It grieves me to think about their futures without the service.”

At the meeting were Cllr Kevin Rostance, Pete McGavin and Beth Cundy – all from the adult social care department at the county council.

“The meeting finished on a positive note and Mr McGavin said he would contact the relevant departments,” Cllr Longdon said.