Megan up for award

A TEENAGE girl who has worked tirelessly as a volunteer in Kimberley has been nominated for a Nottinghamshire Young People of the Year Award.

Megan Hayman-Tansley is a young leader with Scouts in Kimberley and also helps out at a church and volunteers in a charity shop.

She started out in the Kimberley’s Rainbows and Brownies, but at the age of 11 opted to join the town’s Scout group.

“The Scouts are more exciting than the Guides,” said Megan. “They do more weekend activities such as sports, including kayaking, which I like, and camping.”

Kimberley Scout leader James Greenfield said the teenager was an excellent help and sometimes assisted with the Beavers as well.

“She is very good at passing on skills,” he said. “She is very caring, and particularly good at reassuring the youngsters when they are away from home for the first time. She also helps a Scout with autism.

“The fact that she is nearer to their age helps. She is a role model to them,” he said.

Megan, of Eastwood Road, is also an active member of Nottingham Outreach church which has just re-located from Kimberley to Nottingham.

She often gives her spare time on Saturdays to help out in the church’s charity shop and she is currently learning to play the guitar so she can join the church band.

The 14-year-old assists with the audiovisual equipment and has been given internal recognition for her enthusiasm.

Church office manager Sarah Robinson said; “Megan is generous in giving her time to the charity shop where she works hard.”

Another church member said: “It’s good to see that there are teenagers like Megan who work hard and give up their time to help others in the community.”

Megan attends Kimberley Comprehensive and wants to be a social worker or psychologist.

YOPEY recognises and rewards positive role models and awards cash prizes for the winners.

Prime Minister David Cameron said of past YOPEY winners: “It struck me that their common trait was their own determination; their desire to succeed; and their resolve to make a difference.