Meningitis warning app


Almost a year ago we lost our three-month-old son Charlie to meningitis.

He was our happy, cheeky little boy and he was cruelly taken from us by this terrible disease.

Within 24 hours he went from simply having a temperature to being in intensive care. Six days later we had no choice but to turn his life support off and he died in our arms.

Charlie didn’t have a rash; his symptoms started as any other virus would.

By the time he was diagnosed it was too late for him. Coping with the death of a child is something no parent should ever go through, the last year has been incredibly hard for us.

I now work with the Meningitis Trust, to help raise awareness of this horrific disease, and the Trust has launched a free Android symptoms mobile app and from one mother to another,

I urge every parent to download this app (they also have one for iPhones).

I don’t want anyone else to go through what we have. We are now in the peak season for bacterial meningitis (the deadly kind), please don’t assume you know the signs, read them and read them again.

There is no typical order that the symptoms can appear in and not every child will have all of them.

Every case is different making it so difficult to diagnose.

A quick diagnosis is essential to treating meningitis and downloading this app could save a life. I wish this app had been available to me but I’m grateful it is now available to you.

You can download the app straight to your phone from, please do it today.

Katy Mann

Supporter of the Meningitis Trust