MEP will not back down over letters


I am very glad that John Armstrong’s letter was indeed published the other week and I will take up his main points.

I don’t think I went in for party bickering, I simply started with a comment about the Secretary of State for Education who did not go far enough in his original article.

Then, apparently, I’m arrogant for simply giving my opinion about Education. 

Over my 39 years service as a teacher, I did indeed see a decline in standards. So it is obvious to me that this decline went hand-in-hand with ‘modern methods’. That’s not opinion, that’s experience.

I stand by my comments on global warming. Suffice to say, that the body of responsible scientific opinion is turning the same way. 

I do agree with the writer that there is an unholy collusion between the political elite at Westminster and the national press which frequently serves us less than well.

As for me I’m not in that loop, I survive on letters and press releases and, according to Mr Armstrong, that will not do me any good in getting elected. 

So be it, I do not intend to stop. 

Derek Clark MEP