Merged police cuts confidence


Without doubt the apparently well-intentioned co-operation of East Midlands murder squads to save money and time, and to share resources and the results of investigations so as to apprehend suspects, is a Trojan Horse.  

Some time ago it was planned to merge the East Midlands police forces totally so as to form an East Midlands Force with unified command, central control unit and all the rest.

I spoke against it at a meeting at Wootton Hall in June 2006, and wrote to the papers in February of that year saying that it would be unwieldy and counter-productive.

Other people raised objections and the plan was dropped. I believe this is an attempt to re-introduce the scheme by way of a piece-meal approach.

Be it noted that, against objections, the ambulance services in the East Midlands have been merged with the effect noted a few months ago.

People don’t want to call the police and find themselves talking to someone at the other end of the region who knows not the locale in question.

People need the reassurance of speaking to an operator who they know is not far away and who will be aware of the district in question. It’s bad enough not to see a bobby on the beat any more, but we can at least have a police force with local knowledge. 

Derek Clark

Nottinghamshire UKIP MEP