Mia’s a star Japanese student

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A Langley Mill student has come third in a prestigious Japanese language competition.

Mia Sutton, 16, of Station Road, gave her prize-winning speech at the Nihongo Cup Japanese Speech Contest.

Mia has been studying the language for five years and has twice visited Japan. She plans to go for a third time in September.

A spokeswoman for Mia’s school, Aldercar Community Language College, said the teachers were thrilled when the teenager won the third prize. She said: “Well done and congratulations to Mia. She deserves it for her hard work. She has done extremely well in learning Japanese. She was conscientious about her work and went the extra mile by doing extra work and was keen to do well.

“She was a delightful student to teach and was always the first person to understand and complete her tasks set in class.”

Eager Mia also received private lessons as she couldn’t get enough of Japanese!

“She keeps friendships with Japanese friends which she made through exchange trips,” she added.

“She awaits her GCSE results, which I am sure she has aced.”

Mia’s prize-winning speech was on the subject of visiting Japan. She came third in the key stage 4 and 5 pre-GCSE category.

The Nihongo Cup Japanese Speech Contest for secondary school students was held at the Embassy of Japan in London on June 29. Mia was one of 18 finalists, selected from 203 applicants from 22 schools.