‘Missile’ on charity bike-ride to London

A Langley Mill cyclist is preparing to ride to London and back as part of a bid to raise cash for the CLIC Sargent charity for young people with cancer.

David Kolebuk, the self-styled ‘Langley Mill Missile’, will hand over the baton next weekend to his sister-in-law, who will run the London Marathon, before he rides back.

Mr Kolebuk, 45, an arboricultural consultant who lives on Argyle Street, says Shaw’s the hairdressers and the Inn The Middle pub have helped him promote the 350-mile charity challenge.

He said: “When I get there my sister-in-law Angela O’Brian will then run the London Marathon, pass the baton back to me and then I will cycle home on April 23.”

The baton is a symbolic bracelet of amber and amethyst. “Amber because it’s the name of my business,” David explained. “It’s derived from fossilised tree sap. Amethyst is Angela’s birthstone. It’s a bit spiritual but it will need a bit of spirit. It’s going to be a massive adventure. I have met some of the children and they are as hard as nails. It’s very humbling.”

A target of £2,000 has been set. Mr Kolebuk’s training regime involves cycling 200 to 300 miles a week and he will follow a cycle-friendly route from Sustrans

He added: “I drank some red wine on Christmas Day and agreed to do it. Racing is a re-found love. The recent weather has put the kibosh on a lot of road biking. So I have had to buy a mountain bike to keep up. It’s a challenge to myself and hopefully raise money for a great cause.”