Mission complete for Serbia team

New Horizons men in Serbia
New Horizons men in Serbia

An inspirational team of volunteers from Eastwood have returned from at trip to Serbia to build homes for women who have escaped sex-trafficking.

The group of 15 men aged 20 to 67 from New Horizons Church spent a week in Novi Sad refurbishing homes, handing out food parcels and playing with children in the community.

They returned from Serbia on Sunday night (October 12) after a 1,400 mile trip.

Group leader Craig Wells said that the expedition had been very moving and they felt they had made a real difference.

The 33-year-old told the Advertiser: “It was very emotional - not a day went past that at least half of us did not cry.

“It was both emotionally and physically draining and I have never pushed myself that hard before.

“It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life.”

The team began the week refurbishing an abortion crisis centre which is the first of its kind in the whole of the Balkan States.

Craig explained that abortion is used as a form of contraception in Serbia so the home offers advice and financial support for women who are pregnant and encourages them to have the children.

As well as building a roof and installing windows and doors, the men also decorated the house for the women to make it welcoming and shifted 20 tonnes of soil to level the lawns so they can accomodate camps in the future.

They also helped refurbish a home designed to help women and children who have escaped from the sex-trade and prostitution or for those needing to get away from an awful situation, and donated £1,000 for a bathroom and kitchen to be built.

Later in the week the Christian team redecorated two Roma houses in a poverty-striken area where people live without electricity, running water and struggle to afford food and clothes, and they handed out food parcels which include a week’s supply of food.

Craig added that a group from New Horizons might return to Novi Sad in the future to continue the good work.

He said: “It has left a lasting impression on everyone and the work there is never ending.”

To hear more about the group’s incredible expedition, come along to their presentation evening at 6.15pm on November 9 at the Community Impact Centre at Old Greasley School off Dovecote Road, Eastwood.

For more information contact Craig on 07984 255768.