Moped loan for jobseekers

A month of free bus travel for jobseekers across the UK came to a close this week, but a lack of transport needn’t be a barrier to finding work in Nottinghamshire, thanks to an innovative scheme.

The job prospects of more than 100 people got a kick start last year thanks to the Nottinghamshire County Council funded Wheels to Work scheme.

Wheels to Work provides a six month loan of a moped or helps fund other transport solutions for people who have been offered a job but have no other way of getting to and from their place of work or training.

The moped loan scheme costs just £15 per week and includes a six month moped loan, moped tax, insurance and breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance of the moped, protective clothing (including helmet) and heavy duty lock for your moped

and compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

To qualify, users of the scheme need to be 16 or over, live in Nottinghamshire, have a provisional (or full) driving licence, been offered a job for a minimum of 16 hours per week and have no other reasonable means of getting to their place of work.