‘More consultation needed for school’

Dave Brock
Dave Brock
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MEMBERS of the Lawrence Society have blasted Nottinghamshire County Council for the way it handled the sale of the Greasley Beauvale School building.

Society members say there should have been more public consultation about the sale of the building, and the group itself should have been approached.

Dave Brock said the society could have suggested alternate uses for the famous building where Lawrence once studied.

“It’s just complete madness,” he said. “The council has been remiss in not involving the Lawrence Society in the sale of this vital gem.

“We already had the fight to save Durban House and now this is being kicked out the back door with no issue at all.”

But Cllr Reg Adair, Nottinghamshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance and Property, argued the council did consult with the public.

“During the planning stages for the new Greasley Beauvale Primary School we consulted the parish, town and borough councils along with local community groups and societies on potential future uses for the old building.

“A few groups expressed an interest in the old school but did not have financial support,” he said.

As editor of the society’s journal, Mr Brock has to break the news to members that the building is being auctioned off.

“What is the Lawrence Society to tell its international membership how it has just gone like this? Just to the highest bidder?,” he said.

“I have to explain what the fate of this lovely little gem is.”

The school was being auctioned off yesterday, January 26, with a guide price of between £200,000 and £250,000.

But Mr Brock does not think it was valued highly enough.

“It’s going to be bunged out for auction and it’s going to go for peanuts – the price of a small detached house,” he said.

“That massive school and grounds given away for next to nothing. This could be such a fantastic asset.

The Advertiser went to press before the building was sold.