More vigilance needed to deter thefts from vehicles

Cllr Keith Longdon
Cllr Keith Longdon

You will recall last month that I reported on the prevalent ‘purse dipping’ that is of great concern locally and nationally.

A new idea to deter the opportunist thief are the purse bells that one can affix to their purse to alert them if their purse is lifted.

I’m delighted to say that from my divisional fund I have provided £100 to the police for the purpose of purchasing some of the purse bells and they will be available shortly.

Talking to Inspector Deb Regan the other day, she informed me that theft from vehicles has been a concern.

People naively keep leaving their sat navs in view inside their cars, making their car an easy target for crime.

The eyes of an opportunist thief light up when they see evidence of a sat nav, the connection wires or indeed the mounted stand, believe you me!

They are in your car and away with your belongings before you know it.

Work vans have been subject to tool thefts too, so ideally the police want you to remove all tools when parking overnight and park wherever possible with the vans back doors up against a wall, garage door or lamp post and preferably have outdoor security lighting to deter offenders.

Always remember to call the police if you see anyone acting suspiciously around vehicles at night.

It would generally mean something is about to occur.

Think about the Neighbourhood Watch and let’s help one another in the fight against crime.

At home, if your house is alarmed - use it, and have an annual check, as your 
insurance could be invalid if you don’t have the necessary recorded evidence that your alarm has been checked.

Secure your windows and keep them locked too, removing the keys from the locks and placing them in a safe place.

Please don’t give the opportunist easy access to your home!

Ring 999 to report a crime in progress or 101 for non urgent issues.

Try to give a description of anyone involved - a description or name/s of any witnesses, the registration number of any vehicles even if they were not involved in the incident, the description, identifying marks or serial numbers of any stolen property.

Your phone call will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Together let’s stamp out crime!

NHW is one of the best examples of how the police and the community can work together to prevent crime.

Why not join us at our next meeting on Tuesday May 12 at the Baptist Church on Percy Street at 7pm?

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