Mountain challenge is biggest yet

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A group of exercise fanatics from Kimberley are running 20 miles up Mount Snowden.

The group of 13 are taking on the famous ‘Man versus Mountain challenge’ – which includes obstacles along the way – to raise money for local charity, the Ryan Lee Trust.

Heading up the group is Jay Wright, who runs Challenge Life Fitness in Kimberley.

But not all of the entrants are quite so fit.

Louise Cox who lives in Newdigate Street weighed 14 stone three years ago, and just one year ago couldn’t even run.

“I’m really nervous,” she admitted.

“It’s the biggest thing I have ever done in my life.

“I didn’t used to do any exercise whatsoever but now I workout five times a week. I do Jay’s bootcamp and I’ve learned to eat healthily and keep fit,” she said.

Jay, 43, does outdoor bootcamps in local parks around Kimberley and Nuthall.

Although he’s super-fit, Jay says Man versus Mountain is still the biggest challenge he has taken on.

“I’ve done a 20 mile run with obstacles but this is uphill so it’s a bit different.

“It’s the hardest event I’ve done “

He and his wife, Mel, set themselves a fitness challenge each year. But this year, they wanted something bigger.

“Three years ago we said we would do a yearly challenge. But this year we needed something bigger and better.

“I thought this would be a massive challenge – especially getting a team around as well, it’s not just an individual effort.

“I know I’ve got to make sure everyone that enters starts and finishes because we won’t all be sticking together because of different abilities.”

Others in the group all attend Jay’s bootcamp.

Man versus Mountain includes a 1km verticle climb, various jumps – one being into a quarry, an abseil, and several other smaller obstacles.