Mourning villagers furious over graves

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Residents in Nuthall have been left furious after finding gravestones at their local cemetery knocked down ‘for health and safety reasons’.

People visiting the graves of their loved ones found them knocked down with notes attached from Nuthall Parish Council saying they were a health and safety risk.

But angry villagers say the cemetery looks like its been attacked by vandals and the gravestones are more of a hazard now than they were before.

Alison Armes said: “They have made more of a health and safety issue now. You could break your neck.

“It just looks as though vandals have been through them and kicked them all over.

“When my son came home on Saturday he actually said the cemetery has been vandalised. I was going to call the police until I noticed the notes on them from the council.

“It’s a little picturesque cemetery and it now looks like an eyesore,” said Ms Armes.

The 53-year-old said she spent last Sunday consoling distraught pensioners at the cemetery.

“I was down there consoling elderly people who were absolutely distraught about it. It really was quite upsetting.

“There’s only 250 gravestones in there and they’ve knocked 50 of them down. Some of them are only a year old. I think it’s terrible,” she added.

Ms Armes said the council should have put stakes on the headstones or put bags and red tape over them as seen in many other graveyards.

Nuthall Parish Council is now offering stakes and is holding a public meeting on the matter next Monday at the Temple Centre, starting at 7.30pm