Moving letter on Lawrence


I would like to congratulate Miss Doreen Lockett on her moving and well researched letter printed last week.

It was heart-warming to realise that an old pupil of the former DH Lawrence school should want to mark it’s closing in such a special way.

As time went on, stories and reminiscences abounded of the staff that made such an impression on their pupils. People still remember Mr Westcott and his endearing habit of sitting among his pupils when taking assembly.

Later young men and women recall with delight their pride in the school when, under the guidance of Mrs Blair and Mrs Southern, it won a national competition for computer work. The staff too gained much pleasure from celebrating the success of former pupils.

Each generation had wonderful memories, and grandparents visiting the school for a service or concert or leave-taking would remember with misty eyes the happiness which was an essential part of their time at the Lawrence School

I was particularly moved by Doreen’s lovely gesture in placing chrysanthemums on the grave of Mr Whitehead as her farewell to the school.

It is special people like Miss Lockett, who help give hope when the news is so dominated by thoughtless behaviour and unkind actions,

Thank you Doreen for writing the letter and the Eastwood and Kimberley Advertiser for printing it for us.

Connie Winsor