MP fears over response time

NEAA 25-07-12 BE 1 Eastwood ambulance station.
NEAA 25-07-12 BE 1 Eastwood ambulance station.

MP Gloria De Piero remains convinced the closure of the Eastwood Ambulance Station will mean slower response times, despite a deployment zone being based in the town.

Following last week’s news that paramedics will keep a ‘deployment base’ in town, the Eastwood MP has written to East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) asking for confirmation that the length of time residents wait for an ambulance will not increase.

She said: “I’ve written to the chief executive to ask him exactly how the closure of the station will improve their performance as he claims, and to get a guarantee that under no circumstances will this rise.

“When a loved one is hurt, it’s important to know that an ambulance is only ever a few minutes away.”

Every ambulance station in Nottinghamshire will close except two – one in the city and one in Sutton.

There will be 122 ‘tactical deployment zones’ across the county, one of which will be in Eastwood, and another in Underwood, the Advertiser revealed last week.

But Ms De Piero added: “The latest figures available show that they are currently one of the worst performing Trusts in the country when it comes to response times.

“My number one concern is that this doesn’t become worse.”

A spokesman for EMAS said: “Our Being the Best proposals are about us being able to provide a faster response.

“We will be launching the public consultation mid-September and urge everyone to study the information we will provide, and when they are in possession of the facts, to then take a view on our proposals.”