MP finds out what women want

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Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero has embarked on a tour called ‘what women want’ as part of her new role in the shadow cabinet.

The MP will visit various groups of women to find out what their main concerns are in their day to day life.

The tour was kicked off in Manchester with Coronation Street star, and Loose Women host, Sally Lindsey.

Since then, Gloria has spoken to a group of hair and beauty students at West Nottinghamshire College, a group of shop workers in Hertfordshire and a group of Muslim women in Birmingham. She is due to meet a group of high-flying city workers in London next Thursday.

The MP said: “I’ve done two fascinating events.

“The women at the collage certainly didn’t hold back when it came to sharing some of their views on the issues that matter the most to them.

“The ever increasing cost of childcare, the lack of available jobs, hours and low pay topped the list of their concerns and it is easy to see why.

“What really surprised me though was when the conversation moved on to the pressures facing women when it came to the way they look. After chatting for quite a long time we did a quick straw poll and nine out of fourteen told me they wanted surgery of some kind and would do if they had the money too. It was far higher than I would have expected but extremely revealing,” added Gloria. 

As part of the conversation, they chatted about on their views on the sexualisation of women and the representation of women in public life, in the media, the pressures on them and what impact they think this has on their lives and them succeeding in work.

In her new role Gloria is planning to talk candidly about some of the issues that matter most to women. Over the coming weeks these groups will include expectant mums, dancers, and women footballers to find out what issues motivate them and whether they feel politics connects with them and their lives. 

The aim was to hear from them about the issues they care about and what barriers they think they may face as women today.