MP holds meeting on anti-social behaviour

Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero
Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero

Eastwood MP Gloria de Piero held an ‘anti-social behaviour’ advice session at the town’s volunteer bureau.

Gloria and her team offered residents who live in the area advice, top tips and information about what the authorities could and should be doing when people are affected by anti-social behaviour.

Ever since her election in May 2010, anti-social behaviour has become one of the most common complaints.

She pulled together a number of council and police officials for the session.

Gloria said: “I’ve spoken to more people about ant-social behaviour and written more letters to agencies and authorities on the issue than I ever should have had to and it is almost always the number one concern of local folk. Nobody has the right make another person’s life a misery and I can promise residents that I will take up any case that is brought to my attention as a matter of urgency.”