MP pay rise plan ‘bonkers’

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Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero has called recommendations for MP salaries to be increased by more than £6,000 ‘bonkers’.

The controversial recommendations for the inflation-busting payrise were made last week, but Ms De Piero said it is ‘totally wrong’.

“The idea that we’d get such a big pay rise in this climate is absolutely bonkers,” she said.

“It’s totally right that MPs have had their pay frozen for several years, given the circumstances facing millions of workers. Decisions over what we are paid must be consistent with what is happening to nurses, teachers and others in the public sector as well as conditions in the private sector.”

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) has put forward the recommendation, which would see politicians’ annual salaries climb to £74,000 by 2015 — that’s almost a 10 per cent hike.

The advice comes at a time when workers in other sectors are battling through pay freezes as they fight, on a daily basis, against of the swingeing impact of the recession.

“The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority have got this completely wrong”, added Ms De Piero.

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