MP’s anger at proposed changes to pension age

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EASTWOOD MP Gloria De Piero is urging the Government to rethink plans to change the pension system.

Miss De Piero says the reforms to the pension age mean her constituency of Ashfield is the seventh worst affected area in the country.

She added: “This decision means that 1,300 women aged between 57 and 58 in Ashfield will have to wait an extra year for their pensions.

“This is a scandal. Across the country, the figure reaches nearly half a million.

“The majority of the women who I have spoken to who are affected by this have already told me that their retirement plans are well underway.

“Those people are set to lose £10,000 of their state pension.

“That is why I am urging the government to rethink their timetable to ensure that, over the next eight years, over a million less people will be affected by this reform.”