MP’S COLUMN: Your problems matter to me

Gloria de Piero
Gloria de Piero

Every time you contact me with a problem, it matters. If it’s important enough for someone to take the time to write to me, call or drop by my office then it means they have a problem which they want sorting out and it’s my job to try and do just that.

Take for instance the case of a lady who wrote to me at the start of the month in the hope that I could help her on what she said was ‘her minor crusade’ to get a street light repaired outside her home on Engine Lane.

She told me how she had been phoning the county council every fortnight since November last year to get it fixed but to no avail and she wasn’t the only one.

Her neighbours had both complained too. She was rightly annoyed because the street she lives on is dark and is used by walkers at all times of the night, young and old and the council had more than enough time to sort this out.

I shouldn’t really have to give bosses at the Highways Department a nudge but it just goes to show asking your MP to get involved really can help because this week an engineer was sent out to repair the lamp and also check on this street on his next patrol as well.

New research shows that in this constituency almost 5,500 people rent the property they live in from a private landlord and in the last decade the cost of private renting has gone up by a whopping 25%.

Many people in Eastwood face unstable short-term lets and high letting agent fees every time they move.

It’s not fair and it’s time for it to stop and that’s why I want new laws to ban letting fees for tenants. I’d also like a guarantee of three year leases after a six month probation period and a cap on rent rises.

Generation rent has been ignored for too long but there is a solution and it’s time to take action and deliver a fairer deal for people.

The other week when I was flicking through one of the national newspapers, a school story really caught my eye and aroused my suspicion. A survey carried out by The Association of Teachers and Lecturers of its members reported that parents are being asked to pay towards everyday activities and equipment including basic items such as paper and books.

I’d love to hear from mums and dads in Eastwood if this is something that you’ve been asked to do. If so, please shout up.