MP seeks assurance alternative options to a cash office in Eastwood are being looked at

Residents campaign to save cash office in Eastwood
Residents campaign to save cash office in Eastwood

The MP for Ashfield is seeking assurances that alternative options to the Eastwood Cash Office are being looked at by Broxtowe Borough Council.

Gloria De Piero has written to leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, Richard Jackso, asking him to expand on what options are being explored.

She wrote: “I am asking for clarification on the steps that the council is taking in order to make alternative cash payment provision in Eastwood.

“I had been led to believe by deputy chief executive Shane Flynn that the authority was ‘continuing to explore options’ for alternative provision.

“Can you please expand on what these options are, and what is being done to ensure that the residents of Eastwood who do not have a bank account and do not want to travel to Beeston to pay their bills, can continue to do so in Eastwood?

“Two suggestions I had forward were for a member of staff to collect cash payments at a suitable venue for five hours a week or for the council to provide and fund a link to a payment service provider within the Post Office.

“I cannot stress how important it is for the disabled, elderly and vulnerable people who use the cash payment service that it does continue in some form in Eastwood and I would urge you to make sure this service continues.”

A protest against the closure of the cash office in Nottingham Road, Eastwood, has taken place with people, may of whom were disabled or elderly, explaining to Gloria and shadow chancellor John McDonnell MP that they do not trust direct debits, do not have bank accounts set up for debit card payments and want to keep face to face interaction to avoid having to send confidential paperwork through the post.