MP supports tram plea

Gloria De Piero and Richard Robinson
Gloria De Piero and Richard Robinson

Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero has lent her support to a campaign to extend the Nottingham tram network to Eastwood and Kimberley.

Broxtowe Borough Council is currently consulting on Part Two of its Local Plan, which will set out sites in the borough where specific development can take place.

Ms De Piero sees this consultation as an opportunity to make a new tram route – from Phoenix Park to Kimberley and Eastwood – an integral part of future plans for the area.

In her formal response to the consultation, the MP wrote that Eastwood ‘desperately’ needed investment in public transport infrastructure to help boost regeneration, investment and job creation.

She said: “I am passionate about securing a modern, fast and efficient means of transport for my constituents in Eastwood to be able to travel not only to Nottingham, but also the new opportunities that will be provided by Hs2 investment.

“Public transport investment will also be of paramount importance alongside the new housing developments that will also take place in and around Eastwood.”

Broxtowe Borough councillor Richard Robinson is one of the strongest voices behind the bid to bring the tram to Eastwood.

He said: “The support from Gloria De Piero is pivotal to the success of the campaign to bring the tram to Kimberley, Eastwood and into Amber Valley. This former coalfield area has been deprived of resources and investment for too long. It is crying out for the boost to regeneration, jobs and fast, reliable transport links that the tram will provide.”

A feasibility study is going to be carried out over the coming months looking into various routes through Eastwood and Kimberley.

“There are some challenges looking at the route on from Kimberley and this is what the feasibility study will look at. There are some different options where it could go.

“We want a further in-depth study, and we will be putting all of the ideas into the melting pot.”

Coun Robinson said the tram would bring ‘investment, jobs and growth’ to the area.

“Everybody says transport here needs to be improved and that investment always goes to the south of the borough.

“This would being investment, jobs and growth and put an area on the map that is a bit neglected.”