MP teaches schoolchildren about the world of politics

MP Gloria De Piero with head Emma Haywood (right), teacher Paula Framji and children at the school.
MP Gloria De Piero with head Emma Haywood (right), teacher Paula Framji and children at the school.

Children at Brinsley Primary School have found out about the world of politics and what it was like to be an MP.

For Gloria De Piero, MP for Ashfield since 2010, visited the school and spoke to 100 youngsters in a morning assembly about what her job entails.

She told them how Parliament works, about the two main parties and how she helps people who need her support with personal problems and those who were part of the the wider community in Ashfield, Eastwood and Brinsley.

The pupils at the Moor Road school have been learning about the Suffragettes and the 100th anniversary of some women getting the vote. So Ms De Piero also touched on this subject, explaining that she was the 307th woman to be elected to Parliament.

A question-and-answer session followed, with many probing and challenging questions being asked by the youngsters.

Two members of Brinsley’s school council, Isaac Frost and Lillie-May Steed, then showed the MP round the school and discussed their roles and responsibilities as councillors.

Isaac told Ms De Piero he enjoyed being on the school council because he liked to help people, while Lillie-May said: “I enjoy school council because I like to be the chair and have everyone listen. I also like to make a difference.”

The whole visit was overseen by the school’s head teacher, Emma Haywood, and teaching assistant Paula Framji.

Ms De Piero said: “It was a pleasure to visit Brinsley Primary School and to speak to the children.

“They were enthusiastic, listened really well and asked some excellent questions about what it was like to work in Parliament. I was so impressed with the whole school.”

The school’s mantra is ‘Learn Today, Be A Star Of Tomorrow’. It says its vision is “to create a community where children shine through teamwork, achievement and respect -- all with a smile.”

In an OFSTED report, published last summer, inspectors rated the school ‘Good’, praising the quality of education and acclaiming improvements made since the appointment of Mrs Haywood in September 2015, before when “the school had undergone a period of decline”.