MP wants fair deal for renters

MP Gloria De Piero
MP Gloria De Piero

Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero is backing plans for a better deal for those renting their

homes privately in the town.

In a statement this week, she said thatone of the biggest causes of the cost of living crisis in the country is the price of renting or buying a home.

Nine million people are living in rented homes today, which includes more than one million families and more than two million children.

Figures reveal they are now paying on average £1,020 a year more in rent than they did in 2010 .

Gloria is now backing a proposal from Labour that she believes will help those who are renting in Eastwood.

For her party says that if elected at the next General Election it will ban letting agents’ fees for tenants, saving renters onaverage £350 in costs, and will legislate to make three-year tenancies the standard in the British private rented sector to give people who rent the certainty they need. 2010.

She said: “Families who are renting in Eastwood are often worried about the prospect that their rent could jump up by a big amount from one year to the next.

“While the flexibility of renting suits some, others have been forced into the private rented sector as the only option. They want to be able to settle down, put down roots and have peace of mind.

“A Labour Government will give families the securityof a longer tenancy and predictable rents to stop excessive rises.”