Mum blogs five-year-old’s health battle

Cassidy, 5, who is living with a syndrome without a name
Cassidy, 5, who is living with a syndrome without a name

An Eastwood mum has started blogging to document her daughters medical battle.

Tiffany Chamberlain started her blog when her five year old daughter Cassidy was admitted to hospital after suffering seizures.

Cassidy’s epilepsy is proving hard to diagnose, her neurologist says she is stuck in the middle of two different syndromes; Dravat syndrome and Lennox Gastaut Syndrome.

Tiffany said: “I found myself always writing updates about Cassidy’s development on my Facebook so I decided to create a page all about her”.

Tiffany and her husband Daniel who also have a newborn son called Caben have started a fundraiser to help with the cost of expensive equiptment that Cassidy needs for her day to day life.

She said: “We are overwhelmed by the generosity of family and friends who have donated towards her specialist items.”

Tiffany said: “Cassidy started doing so well last year when she had started walking, we got her in a school and she loved it. We found out we were having another baby in January this year, then when I was seven months pregnant our world came crashing down when Cassidy’s seizures took over her life and she stopped walking, eating, sleeping, to the point she ended up bed ridden”.

The family are hopeful that Cassidy will start walking again and her seizures have been reduced thanks to new medication.

Her mum said: “We still have days where we feel upset about how Cassidy has to live her life but we are so greatful to be blessed with two beautiful children and we just power through the hard times together, we have some amazing family by our sides”.