Mum found her dead son

A 28-year-old man desperately trying to beat heroin addiction was found dead by his mum.

David Partington had just finished a spell in prison where he stayed clean of the drug and was determined to turn his life around and build a future with his girlfriend, an inquest into his death heard.

But one morning in December last year, his mum, Patricia Longinu, came downstairs to find him dead on the kitchen floor at her home on Bailey Brook Drive, Langley Mill.

She said: “I went downstairs and I could see him lying on the floor face down. My immediate thought was he had fallen asleep. I went into the kitchen and then I realised he was dead.

“Because I knew he had been taking a lot of tablets I didn’t initially think it was heroin. I phoned the emergency services, and then I saw a needle and hypodermic near the skirting board on the floor,” she said.

The court heard last Friday, March 18, how Mr Partington, who was from Langley Mill but living in South Normanton, had battled a heroin addiction on and off for ten years. He had been on several therapy courses and had spent several short spells in prison for shoplifting, which funded his habit.

But Ms Longinu said Mr Partington, known as Parto, ‘had come out of prison with a very positive view of staying off heroin’.

The family had thrown him a welcome home party when he was released where he announced how desperately he wanted to stay clean. He had refused methadone to avoid bumping into other drug users at the chemist.

But he was taking a high dose of diazepam and other prescribed drugs for anxiety and depression and in the days leading up to his death family members were unsure whether his behaviour was solely due to the tablets or also the fact that he had turned back to heroin.

His girlfriend Cassandra Chamberlain said the last time she saw him he was unsteady on his feet because of the amount of controlled drugs he had taken.

“He was really bad,” she said. “It was like he was drunk. He was wobbling and taking a while to get up the stairs.”

Miss Chamberlain said the box of diazepam in his pocket was empty, and had only been prescribed a few days previously.

South Derbyshire assistant deputy coroner Paul McCandless was confident Mr Partington had not tried to take his life and recorded a verdict of misadventure.

“It’s clearly the case that, with the help of his family, David tried to become clean and at points was successful,” he added.

“Unfortunately he was prepared to take heroin and run the risk. And on this occasion it led to his death.”

Mr McCandless described Mr Partington as a ‘loving individual’.