Mum ran every day of the year for charity

Sorrel Hodgson
Sorrel Hodgson

A busy mum ran 5km every single day of the year throughout 2015 and raised £2,500 for charity.

And for her final run on New Years’ Eve, Sorrel Hodgson was joined by a huge group of friends and family members who wanted to support her.

The 40-year-old from Watnall – who hates running – set herself the challenge because she wanted to raise money for the charity that supports Ataxia telangiectasia (AT) – a degenerative disease that struck her friend’s son.

The mum-of-two – who even ran when she was ill and when she was on holiday – said: “Running is certainly not my favourite thing so at times it’s been really hard.

“It’s fitting it in becasue I have two jobs. I had to go really early in the monring and then if I forgot I wouild have to go late at night. I never missed one though!”

Sorrel said AT, a rare disease causing disability, was ‘horrendous’ and the charity needed all the support it could get.

“It’s just horrendous. I have known the little boy’s mum since I was young and I have two sons about his age so it brings it home.

“It’s a small charity and they don’t get enough help so I wanted to do something.”

Kaid Betts, age 10, was diagnosed with AT at birth. The disease affects co-orindation leaving sufferers wheelchair bound by ten.

Kaid’s mum, Jo, said what Sorrel did was ‘amazing’.

“I don’t know how she has done it.

“I couldn’t do it. Her determination to do it every day has been incredible. Even when she’s felt under the weather. Her commitment has been amazing. I remember she went out for a meal with her husband for her birthday and made herself go out for a run when she got back! Incredible.”

As well as her daily run, Sorrel has also done a handful of charity sporting events such as the ‘survival of the fittest’ challenge and swimmong a mile in Lake Windermere, to boost her total.

For the final run on New Years Eve, Sorrel ran from her home in Newdigate Street, Watnall to the Basil Russell Playing field, joined by her supporters.

Friends have now nominated the kind-hearted fundraiser for the Broxtowe Sports Person of the Year Award.