Mum takes ‘bullied’ son out of school

Eastwood 11 year old has left school because of constant bullying.  bobby and the mum is karen
Eastwood 11 year old has left school because of constant bullying. bobby and the mum is karen

A MUM has taken her 11-year-old son out of school claiming he was taunted and pushed around by bullies on a daily basis.

Karen Clarke says her son Bobby Ravenscroft was left with a black eye just before Christmas and said an incident as he walked home from school two weeks ago was the final straw.

“He was in a right mess,” she said. “He came home and said ‘I can’t take any more’.

“He was hysterical that night. I just can’t send him any more, he is petrified.”

Mrs Clarke said she was upset at the way she had been treated by Eastwood Comprehensive School and said it was unfair the alleged bullies were allowed to stay, while she is now facing having to transfer her son to another school.

“It’s disgusting the way I have been treated and the way Bobby has been treated. I’m mad. Nothing has been done,” she added.

“They are allowed to stay in school and I have to haul my son out because they would not do anything.”

The headteacher at the school Mark Pickford said he was unable to comment on the case but described it as ‘complicated’.

Mrs Clarke, of Lynncroft, Eastwood, said she was called to the school after an incident just before Christmas and found Bobby with a black eye when she arrived.

The 45-year-old had a meeting with two teachers at the school following the incident, but claims the problems continued.

She also reported the incident to the police, but said Bobby decided not to press charges in fear of going to court.

“Bobby has been told to tell the teachers and he does but he says they do nothing,” she said

“It’s not fair my son has to leave school. They should remove the bullies. I don‘t even let him out on the street to play with his mates any more in case they are there.”

Nottinghamshire County Council were also unable to comment when contacted by the Advertiser.