Mystery of holes in turf at meadow

Holes keep appearing in turf at a Watnall meadow and a local resident is determined to solve the mystery.

Julie Ludlam says holes are repeatedly appearing in the wild flower meadow at the end of Trough Road, and thinks it could be something to do with old coal pits.

The latest one was 3ft deep, and about 15 ins wide.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said.

“It’s a perfectly semetrical hole.

“They keep appearing. It’s wierd.

“I thought it could be kids, but there’s not even any soil around. If it’s teenagers they are going to a lot of trouble to clean up after themselves!”

Mrs Ludlam, who lives in Kimberley and regularly goes walking in Watnall, said a pit shaft opened up at the end of her road in High Spannia, back in 2001.

“It’s an old mining area and you never know,” she said.

“The person who came out from the council said there used to be an old bell pit under the meadow so it would make sense.

“It’s a big mini area and there’s pits all over the place.”

Mrs Ludlam reported the holes that had started to appear back in September, and Broxtowe Borough Council came out to fill them in.

But within a couple of weeks they were back, said Mrs Ludlam.

“They are all over the meadow. There’s more this time than there was before.”

Mrs Ludlam pointed out that not only did there used to be a lot of underground pits in the area, but many of them were not filled in or ‘capped off’.