Mystery over chemical smell

A WOMAN in Kimberley who can smell chemical fumes in her home says she is baffled as to where it is coming from.

The resident, who did not want to be named, says she gets a ‘black sooty residue’ on her surfaces, the carbon dioxide levels in her home are three times what they should be, and her doctor said the levels of carbon monoxide in her blood are equivalent to that of somebody who smokes more than 20 cigarettes a day.

She also claims the smell makes her feel ill and despite repeated calls to Environmental Health, she does not seem to be getting any answers.

“It knocks me out at times,” she said. “It’s very worrying really.

“Some of my neighbours have said if they’re sitting in the garden they sometimes have to go inside because the smell is that bad.

“Various people have complained to Environmental Health but they’ve been told there’s nothing they can do.”

The Millfield Road resident said she thought one possible cause was the Newthorpe sewage treatment works, where methane gas from sewage is burned to provide electricity.

“I know burning manure can give off toxins and bacteria that cause viruses so surely it would be similar with sewage? It can spread in the air quite a long way,” she said. “I’ve traced the smell all the way to Ikea.”

But a spokesman for Severn Trent said it was unlikely to be the sewage works to blame because the whole process is enclosed leaving the resident, who has had the problem for over a year, scratching her head at the cause of the smell.

She now fears the planning application to recycle compost at the same Newthorpe site, off Halls Lane, will make her problem worse.

As we reported in the Advertiser last week, residents are worried about the airborne pollutants produced from burning the compost having an adverse affect on their health.

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